Get a deal in 90 DAYS!


8 months ago we stumbled upon something that changed everything


Quite by accident, and completely revolutionary.

We discovered more “courses” is not the answer.

More “information” doesn’t work.

We have discovered something completely different that AUTOMATES getting into your first (or next) deal. It was so effective we were able to get students into deals in 90 days-and even guarantee it. 

What happened when we implemented this strategy? 


Closings started happening. Social proof from our students FLOODED in. 

You utilize these strategies, - you will get in your next deal within 90 days, guaranteed.

An average 60 unit multifamily deal is worth:

ONE deal.

Imagine doing one deal that could generate as much income and net worth as most people work a job for 40 yrs to get!

Thomas was struggling to close deals. He had bought courses, gone to conferences, and watched endless YouTube videos.

He thought this was just a game for the lucky, or maybe those who had been well-connected from birth.

But then he changed one thing, and everything changed. See what he has to say here:

“Quite a bit of good vibes lately Closed on 34 more units in Mobile, AL 3 more under contract and closing in Q1 Pre-leased 2 of our student housing properties before reno completed at year 3 project rents!!

4 Properties in the portfolio are leasing at rates at least 2 years ahead of projections Considering the sale of one property. Guidance is coming in $15k more per door than our underwriting projected. It's been a ton of hard work, long days and discipline. But man is is worth it!

You gotta love Real Estate and MultiFamily!
Thomas R.
The Deal Room Member

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Robbie was a Marine that knew the power of real estate. Single family he could handle, but he didn’t know where to start with larger deals. Now he’s rolling along!

Let's congratulate...... deal room member and member of my deal sprint team Robbie D. for putting a 10 plex in Texas under contract!"
Brice L.
The Deal Room Member

Have you tried to close a multifamily deal? Spent hours and hours studying the material, thousands on courses, read the books, and yet, you are no closer to getting a deal done? 

If you haven’t closed a deal, it’s not your fault.

The reason you aren’t closing deals is simple.

It’s because all the products out there focus on the wrong problem…..

When you focus on the wrong problem-you don’t get results. 

You can try, and try, and spend TONS of time and money-but you won’t get anywhere without solving the RIGHT PROBLEM. 

They say…If you aren’t closing deals……you need more education. 

You have been programmed to think education is the silver bullet. “If I just bought one more training program, listened to one more podcast, read one more book, got my mindset right, etc. etc. -I will succeed.” 

Maybe you have bought the products they sell, and hope that, “this will be the one”

But it doesn’t work.

We know because we have bought all the courses!

We have listened to the podcasts, read the books, and invested over $100k in masterminds and trainings.

We even built a course!

Education is important, a stepping stone, but it’s not the breakthrough, the key. 

We knew something was missing. Something wasn’t right.

This didn’t have to be hard – We asked ourselves, “what if it could be easy?” 

“What do we have to uncover-to GUARANTEE- people could get into a deal in 90 days if they followed our systems?”

So we decided to study. To unlock this key and figure it out. 

We pulled data. We dug into hundreds of deals, both from my students, and multiple programs.

The obsession revolved around one thing-

How did deals happen? What was the secret?

We uncovered something that was shocking. 

So shocking and so effective, that we completely pivoted our methods in teaching and mentoring people.  

We took average people-people who had tried everything else-and implemented these strategies. 

Guess what happened. They started closing deals. And after they closed one-they closed MORE. 

Check out Leonard’s story. Leonard was retired. He was not in real estate at all, but saw the power of securing his retirement. A few months in the program and he was closing deals!

“Look what we did today!!!! We closed on the 38 units in Omaha. That gives us a total of 56 units there. Exciting times for everyone...
Leonard W.
The Deal Room Member

Remember that quote, “Work for your own dream, or you will find yourself working for someone else’s”? 

We are programmed to be poor.

Our schools are designed to create a compliant worker who will follow orders.

We are programmed to work for other’s dreams.

Take a minute and think about the messages you are barraged with every day.

We are told:

  • If you want more money-trade more time (life force) for it.
  • The rich are always portrayed as “evil”, or ripping people off.
  • Wealth is wrong, and it’s only achieved by big corporations plundering the earth.
  • Movies. Books. TV. It’s all “belief programming” 

You are kept poor by design. Spend more. Want more. Don’t save. Don’t invest. YOLO. 

It’s psychological warfare! And they are winning!

No more.

That game stops TODAY.

Today, you start working for YOUR dreams, instead of giving your life to companies that don’t care.

Companies that would get rid of you if they could find someone to do it cheaper.

0% returns. 

with 80% certainty.

Where will the money flow when it flows out of the stock market? 

Into real estate. 

We are already seeing incredible amounts of money flowing into our deals, and it’s never been easier to be a part of that. 

Either you prepare now, so you can be ready to strike as the opportunities come. Or you choose to wait, and miss this decade’s cycle. 

When we got started in multifamily, we bought courses and studied our hearts out. We would analyze deal after deal, but nothing made sense.

For over 2 years we struggled and closed NOTHING. Then, almost by accident, we stumbled into the one thing that changed everything. Immediately, we got traction. 


In one year:

From 0 to 168 units in 365 days. Then we closed a 208 unit. Then a few hundred more. Now, in 3 yrs we have over 1000 units.

We didn’t start with a lot of money, in fact – we had very little.  

We didn’t have millions to close deals, we didn’t even have hundreds!

We could never get these loans. 

We weren’t born into money.

Jennings was a contractor, barely making ends meet. Yeadon was a realtor, hustling every day for the next closing.

So these strategies were perfect for people like us……we weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths and had no passive income or net worth, yet, but WANTED to get it. 

That’s the beauty of multifamily. You can start with very little, and still make BIG deals.

Because they are large assets, you can acquire wealth QUICKLY.

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